Andrew J. Moody, Ph.D. - President

Dr. Moody established BREA in 2000. His areas of specialization include  the analysis of interna­tional and regional travel and tourism flows, economic impact analysis, and the design and development of econometric forecasting models. He has over 25 years of experience in providing business and government agencies with economic and market analysis consulting support. In particular, he has advised both private and public sector organizations on matters re­lated to issues and trends in the travel and tourism industry and regional and international economic conditions.


Prior to forming BREA, Dr. Moody was Director of Travel and Tourism Research at Pricewater­houseCoopers (PwC). At PwC he was responsible for monitoring travel and tourism trends and providing consulting support to trade associations, timeshare developers, cruise lines, travel agents, lodging and gaming companies and other organizations impacted by travel and tourism.


Prior to that, Dr. Moody was Executive Vice President of Business Development at the WEFA Group (now Global Insight), a distinguished and nationally recognized economic forecasting firm. He managed all as­pects of the organization's subscription forecasting and consulting business associated with mac­roeconomic and regional economic activity, including the analysis of global travel and tourism issues.



Richard Higginson - Principal

Richard Higginson has nearly twenty years of marketing and market research experience. Throughout his career, Rich has led a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research projects on topics including attitudinal research, employee and customer satisfaction, new product development and sales force effectiveness.


Mr. Higginson received his B.S. in Psychology from St. Francis College in Pennsylvania; his M.A. in Applied Research and Evaluation in Psychology from Hofstra University and completed his Ph.D. - ABD in Applied Research and Evaluation also at Hofstra University. His doctoral dissertation was titled "The Effects of Group Size on the Quantity and Quality of Focus Group Results".