BREA, established in 2000, has provided market and economic impact analyses to a diverse set of clients throughout the travel, leisure, transportation  and related sectors.

A partial list of our clients includes:


Cruise Industry                                              Ports

Carnival Corp.                                                  Tampa Port Authority

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.                       Port of San Diego

International Council of Cruise Lines           Port of Philadelphia & Camden

Florida-Caribbean Cruise Assn.                    P&O Ports (New York)


Gaming & Hospitality                                    Other

Harrah’s Entertainment                                   Government of Kansas City

Caesar’s Indiana                                               Indoor Tanning Assn.

Gaylord Entertainment

BREA's principals have more than twenty years of experience in research and consulting with a wide range of international product and service companies, including consumer products, leisure, retailing, gaming, business services, telecommunications, and utility and financial services. Typical consulting assignments provide critical analysis and insight into market dynamics, product demand, economic trends, consumer behavior and public policy.